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Jump From Service Provider to Valued Partner Status

And Get Paid What You Are Worth

Imagine, just for a minute, waking up in the morning to work with clients who pay you a premium and value your time.

All your clients see you as a valued partner rather than just another service provider.

Your business and services position you above competitors, and as a result, new clients are now buying from you, rather you than you having to sell to them.

Helping You With…


1 to 1 Business Support

Do you wish you had someone by your side to support you find success?

Are you looking for more than just a business coach, someone with expert skills who gets their sleeves rolled up and does work for you?

Accelerate your plans with 1 to 1 expert support.

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Group Support

Do you enjoy being part of a community as you improve your business?

There are big advantages in a group programme such as taking strategies from other sectors and applying them to yours.

Introduce innovation to your business with Group Support.

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Self-Study Programmes

Are on a budget or maybe you just like to work on your own?

Our self study programmes give you all the same materials as our 1 to 1 and Group support, to ensure you find success..

Make strides today and find success at your pace.

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Why Use Us

As your business grows you want to be in safe hands to ensure continued success. All our methods are tried and proven.

Whether you are looking for 1 to 1 hands on support, be part of our group support programmes or happy to follow self-study programmes, all business support we offer is tailored to your specific needs.

As the proverb goes, we are hear to teach you to fish so that you never become dependent on any of our people in your business. New practices, reporting and strategy is embedded in your company.

Whether you are using our founder Ewan Menzies or one of our partners you can be assured they will have knowledge of your sector. They will also pull on a variety of knowledge from other sectors that often gives you an edge over competitors.

Business Support for Specific Sectors


Freelance Finance Directors

Are you a freelance or portfolio finance director looking to work with great clients who value you and are happy to pay you a higher fee?

See the simple steps you can take to change things in your business today.

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Construction & Demolition

Are productivity and profitability putting increased pressure on you? On top of this, will you have a labour shortage and the sustainability agenda?

What direction should you take and what should you do first?

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Do you face challenges at every turn, from margin to lack of skilled labour and conflicting views between machine intelligence and system usability?

Would you like to hear how planning backwards find the answers?

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Are you looking to build value in to your client relationships and charge higher fees for it?

Technology is now changing the ways accountants work and automating much of what you do.

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Outsourced HR

Do you want to pivot your offering and ensure you get paid what you are worth?

The playing field has changed with hybrid working, mental health problems and a more transient workforce.

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Freelance Marketing

Is your sector in a pricing war to the bottom and you wish you could increase fees?

There are now a plethora of marketing tools and it is changing on a daily basis. Where do you focus your time?

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Just a few of the clients that we have provided business support to that transformed their business.

Jo Seawright

Jo Seawright

Business Owner

​”Ewan was a breath of fresh air. He is not about the gimmicks of the latest Facebook or Google Ads campaign.
Ewan gave us a real insight into where we could take the business, and how to position our services in the market and was quite happy to roll up his sleeves to give us some hands-on help with our marketing messaging.
It was a breath of fresh air. Someone who knew the psychology, the framework required, that good marketing and good market positioning needed. It was exactly what we needed, and what I had been looking for for some time.”
Jon Norton

Jon Norton

Managing Director - Barefoot Accounting

“Fantastic programme! Very clearly laid out and I found it easy to implement alongside running my business. This led to me seeing results very quickly.

The sales process became more of a natural and open conversation, rather than feeling awkward.

It helped me improve my services so that new (and existing) clients were happy to pay more. I was able to identify some weak spots in my business and start to take actions to remove them.”

Andrew McKellor

Andrew McKellor

Freelance FD - Harbour Accounting Ltd

“In a few short weeks, Ewan helped me build value in my client relationships.

I am now confident I have a system which, time and time again, will identify suspects, convert them to prospects and onwards into trusted clients who want to buy from me, rather than me having to sell to them.

Ewan’s course has also given me the confidence to raise my fees.

If you attend one of Ewan’s courses, you will benefit from his wise counsel, confidence building and commercial acumen. Highly recommend.”

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