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Driving Business Growth

Part-time Commercial Directors and Business Strategists

Are you looking for an expert to get their sleeves rolled up and work alongside you and your management team. Based at your company this is a part-time flexible resource at a fraction of the cost of a full-time equivalent.

You get someone in-house to design and deliver successful Business Strategies for your company and a part-time Commerical Director to deliver a step-change in your growth.

We take work off your plate and support your management team with strategy and direction. We join the dots across departments and drive business growth.

Helping You With…


Growth and Expansion

Your growth may have plateaued or you are not sure what direction to move in and you need to see a step change that will secure your future.

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Exit and Succession

Whether you are stepping up or stepping out ensure you have business continuity, increased value and stability in your company’s future

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Change and Restructure

It is all change in your company due to internal and external factors and you must gain clarity on where you are going and how to get there.

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Why Use Us

As your company grows you, the CEO/MD, are getting busier and busier. Growing pains are taking their toll on you, and you have lost sight of where you are going. You are in need of another pair of hands to work alongside you and help join the dots.

Your managers are just as busy and maybe stuck at an operational level, because they don’t have the capacity, skills, or experience to run the larger company you now have. Your managers need support to work strategically and integrate their work with other departments and the bigger picture.

You would value someone who is separate from your business, yet understands the ins and outs, a trusted third party to support you at Director level. And, someone to drive profit today and into the future across all your departments.

Supporting you to drive business growth in your company



Find a Commercial Director of Business Strategist who best meets your company’s needs.

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Meet your Commercial Director or Business Strategist and spend a morning working on your business.

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Agree with your Commercial Director of Business Strategist on what work needs to be done and the outcomes you want.

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Specialists In…


Farm Cooperatives

Are you a Farm Cooperative looking to support your members with the biggest challenges such as margin, workforce and climate change?

See how to tackle wicked problems and deliver more for your members.

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Construction & Demolition

Are productivity and profitability putting increased pressure on you? On top of this, will you have a labour shortage and the sustainability agenda?

What direction should you take and what should you do first?

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Do you face challenges at every turn, from margin to lack of skilled labour and conflicting views between machine intelligence and system usability?

Would you like to hear how planning backwards find the answers?

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Just a few of the clients that we have helped transform their business.

Scott Brewster

Scott Brewster

Managing Director - Brewster Bros.

“Concord has ultimately delivered us a 4-year plan that everyone in our organisation can understand. By everyone, I mean every employee and we are proud to share our plan with our whole team to give them clarity on our goals and how to get there. Involving everyone in the creation of the plan and delegating responsibility for its delivery harnesses the brainpower of the whole business and not just our senior management team.

As a chartered accountant, I loved the finance work. The numbers were inspiring and not just dreamlike figures – they had substance behind them and could be logically backed up when questioned. In fact, our Chairman, who was highly sceptical at first ended up thinking they were too modest! Overall the content of the Concord System has given a much clearer path to achieving our identified stakeholder needs and what the results will be when we deliver them.”

Colin Sangster

Colin Sangster

Head Coach - Dundee Rugby Club

“The input from Ewan and Ian has been invaluable and allowed us to accelerate our plans more than we believed was possible. The work has got us focused on the outcomes we need to achieve, helped us to see the synergies across our plan, and has given us real clarity on the future at Dundee Rugby.

This work has given us a more business-like approach at the club. I was blown away by the numbers and the story behind them shows they are realistic and achievable in the years ahead.

The whole process has been incredible and was the shakeup we were needing.”


Alasdair Corbett

Alasdair Corbett

Managing Director - Easter Greens

“The method of planning backwards excited me from the first time I saw it. When we put it into action it simplified everything and showed me what had to be done (and not done!) to deliver my vision for Easter Greens.

The work we did on the money was fantastic. I can now see what will generate the growth and expansion I am looking for, and how the money will actually happen in the years ahead. This keeps me very focused every day on where we should focus time, money and effort.

Ewan has worked closely with me, my managers and my team to get everyone on board with our one page strategic plan. Everyone can now see what the future looks like, what it means for them, and how they can help deliver it.”

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Proven Products

Our products incorporate the Concord System and have been proven to help business owners grow their companies quickly.


Flips all your biggest business problems to a positive outcome, and using the backward planning method finds the fastest route to this outcome.

An in-depth consultation of your main stakeholders to identify their challenges and problems and what they want from your company.

Clarifies your stakeholder needs and using backward planning designs a one-page strategic plan that calculates your fastest routes to business goals.

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