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Self-Study Business Support Programmes

For those who like to work on their own or have a limited budget

Are you a small business owner seeking an affordable and flexible Self-Study Programme tailored to your unique needs, encompassing essential elements like business development strategy, strategic business growth, and a comprehensive business growth program?

Our self-study programme at Castle Strategy provides you with access to a wealth of resources, including video tutorials, case studies, templates, and more, all crafted to align with your learning style and expedite your success.

You’ll also join a community where you can engage with others, asking questions and offering assistance.

Challenges You May Be Facing

Castle Strategy acknowledges the challenges encountered by small business owners and freelancers in the UK. As seasoned business consultants, we specialize in offering self-study programmes precisely crafted to address the distinctive needs of small businesses, integrating elements of strategic business planning and business growth strategies.

As a trusted partner in your journey, we provide a spectrum of small business support services, covering client profiling, business modeling, marketing, and sales processes. Our team of professionals stands ready to guide you through every step, ensuring you thrive in today’s competitive market.

Our self-study programmes focus on common pain points, aiding in the development of messaging, expediting marketing strategies, and implementing pricing strategies for increased fees. Castle Strategy empowers you to make swift changes, providing access to templates, case studies, video tutorials, and a community of like-minded business owners.

Finding The Right Group Support For You

Where do you start?

When searching for self-study programmes, it’s crucial to align with a provider specializing in your industry, such as Castle Strategy in the UK.

Explore options through online directories, referrals, and ensure a track record of success within your sector.

Schedule a consultation to assess their approach, ensuring it aligns with your learning style. Trust your instincts to determine if the provider, like Castle Strategy, resonates with your vision and values.

What Success Can You Expect From Our Self-Study Programmes?

Castle Strategy delivers comprehensive small business support services in the UK, offering self-support programmes tailored to your needs. Our programmes guide you in increasing revenues, maximizing profits, and attracting dream clients through strategic business growth.

For those aiming to raise fees, Castle Strategy provides strategies for enhancing service offerings and effectively communicating your value proposition. Video tutorials guide you in positioning yourself as a valued partner, attracting clients who appreciate your services. Self-study programmes also teach client acquisition strategies, identifying and converting dream clients with ease.

Understanding the challenges faced by small businesses in the UK, Castle Strategy’s goal is to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary for success. Our self-study programmes empower you to navigate the business landscape with confidence, offering a flexible and personalized learning experience.

Client Testimonials

Andy Johnston

Andy Johnston

Founder, Designer, and Illustrator - Eido Studio

“I participated in Ewan’s Jump to the Big Leagues programme. It was a fantastically designed course with a wealth of information that I will be going back to again and again.

Ewan provided an outstanding level of support and tailored advice. He understood where I was as a business and consequently helped me build good foundations for the future.

I’m excited for the way ahead, and am enthusiastically recommending Ewan to others who want to take a leap forward.”

Jon Norton

Jon Norton

Managing Director, Barefoot Accounting

“Fantastic programme! Very clearly laid out and I found it easy to implement alongside running my business. This led to me seeing results very quickly.

The sales process became more of a natural and open conversation, rather than feeling awkward. It helped me improve my services so that new (and existing) clients were happy to pay more. I was able to identify some weak spots in my business and start to take actions to remove them.

As well as being able to get results quickly, I can see myself continually working on the systems and process taught for many years to come.”

Rachel Roden

Rachel Roden

Director – Agility Bookkeeping

“My initial reason for contacting Ewan was to move to working “on” the business not “in” it.

With Ewan’s help I have now got a clear view of the way forward to grow my business and provide greater value to my clients.

Since working with Ewan my profitability has significantly increased and turnover has increased by over 50%!”

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