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Building Value, Increasing Prices

Our Jump to the Big Leagues programme is specifically for businesses with less than 5 employees, many are just the owner working on their own. You will be selling services B2B and have been in business for at least 2 years.

This programme has two clear goals 1) to move you to a position where your clients value your input and 2) to increase your prices to reflect the value you deliver clients.

You can choose from a range of support packages depending on how much help you have and to meet your budget.

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1 to 1 Business Support

This support is specifically for business owners, MDs or CEOs who have 1 to 30 staff. With our 1 to 1 support programme you get so much more than just a business coach. We are also your personal advisor, trainer and consultant.

We are there to support you in whatever means you need. We will upskill you in areas of weakness, act as a sounding board, drop in tried and proven strategies, and roll up our sleeves to get things done when needed and more.

If you have a team we are also there to help facilitate meetings and team training. Areas we can support you in included sales, marketing, finance, team development, systems and more.

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Commercial Director (Part-time)

Every MD/CEO we have ever met is too busy, to an unhealthy level. What they need, more than anything else, is someone (operating at Director level) to drive growth and support you take the company to the next level.

This is exactly what a part-time outsourced Commercial Director can deliver for you. They will also ease your time pressures, support your manager’s step up, and can be pulled in for additional days if needed on specific projects or during peak times for example.

This is a cost-effective, flexible resource, that provides you with a trusted third party you can speak with about anything.  Based in your office they quickly become part of your team, join the dots, and drive growth.

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Business Strategy and Planning

Are you looking for a way to design and deliver a business strategy that gives all your stakeholders exactly what they want?

We calculate your fastest route to company goals, displaying it as a one page strategic plan that shows you what to do first. It focuses your team on delivering outcomes rather than just being busy, and has an implementation system that integrates with business as usual.

Your strategy is backed by a commercial plan that gets complete consensus from everyone and shows you how the money will actually happen. Built on science and utilising common sense it accelerates your company success like you have never seen before.

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FLIP – Block Removal

Do you have a few big problems in your business that you have never been able to solve? Or do you have a plethora of smaller problems/frustrations that are just exhausting day to day?

FLIP is a methodology developed as part of the Concord System that FLIPs your problems to a positive. Often we find that some problems do not need solved when you gain clarity over your desired outcomes.

Sessions involve the key members of your team and can be delivered face to face or remotely. Outcomes include a one page strategic plan, challenge worksheet and financial impact.

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Are you looking for another service?

There are many other services we provide including mergers and acquisitions, securing investment, reporting, and executive coaching and more.

If you would like to find out more about other services we offer please do get in touch. We can build bespoke support programmes to meet your individual needs. Please contact us today on 07779 942033 or email