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Building Value, Increasing Prices

Moving you to valued Partner status in your clients eyes and getting them to pay you what you are worth. 

Do you often feel like clients see you as just another service provider they can order around and demand things from?

Do you feel like you need to lower your prices to be competitive and struggle to make ends meet?

It does not need to be that way. There are easy steps you can take to ensure you have clients who are a pleasure to work with and who pay you well.

The Challenges Growing a Service Based Business

If you have been in business for a couple of years you will be starting to realise achieving your dreams is not as easy as you first thought. Where do you start and what direction do you go in?

As you start to scale, or think about scaling, you see that there is just not enough money to hire good people, pay on costs, training, sick pay and more. Assuming you do manage to hire good people you find that they are not able to replicate your success. What is common sense to you and comes naturally, does not to employees.

You may have found that there are many competitors and your business looks just the same as them. It can be difficult to differentiate your services from those of your competitors, and it may be hard to convince potential clients to choose your business over others.

Assuming you have been able to move your clients to a monthly retainer, the next challenge is retain your clients long term. Losing clients can have a significant impact on your business’s bottom line, and it can be challenging to keep clients satisfied and engaged with the services you provide.

All of this means an increase in your workload. It can be challenging to manage that workload and ensure that your clients continue to receive high-quality services. Service-based businesses must find ways to balance workload and maintain quality standards.

A 6 Step Formula to Your Success

All the support you need to find success

Our “Jump to The Big Leagues” (J2BL) course walks you through the six practical steps that show you exactly what you need to change, and more importantly, how to do it. Here is a summary of those six steps that will transform your business.

  1. Clarity on your business model – who are your dream clients, fees they pay you, and how do you ensure their success?
  2. One change to get a list of hot prospects – where do you find them, what do you say and how do you communicate it?
  3. Show clients your true value and raise your prices – pivot your business, offer a fuller service, and communicate it effectively.
  4. Your structured sales process to help clients buy – An ethical sales process that has clients buying rather than you selling, and you can do it remotely.
  5. Your business analysis document to raise your value – asking the questions that stop your clients in their tracks and move you to valued partner status.
  6. Your proposal document to position you above competitors – your structure, layout, and how to position you as the best person to help them.

Support You Get On This Programme

Ensuring support meets your needs and budget

When I started developing these materials it took me three years to get it right and it was a bumpy journey, to say the least. Now, clients complete this programme in as little as 6 weeks. If you have had a drop in business due to the pandemic I am sure some of you will complete it faster than that.

Once on the course, you will have all the support you need to find the success you are looking for. This includes:

  • Regular support calls every week
  • Video tutorials and guides
  • Quizzes to test your learning
  • Progress checks
  • Template materials
  • Case studies and
  • Lifetime access to resources

If you want to fast track things in as little as two weeks we offer a full support programme. We get our sleeves rolled up and are available everyday to support you, remove blocks and get work done.

Our most popular programme offers you regular support for 6 months, access to all video tutorials, templates and resources. It allows you to go at your speed, and balance other work pressures you have. Some complete it in as little as 6 weeks whilst others use the support for the full 6 months to test and refine processes and documents.

For those of you confident you do not need much support, or maybe you have a tight budget there is a self-study option. This programme takes you step by step through everything you need to do and how to do it. With access to all video tutorials, templates and case studies to support you and ensure you get the results you are looking for.

Results You Can Expect

First this programme moves you to “Valued Partner” status in the eyes of your clients, rather than you simply being seen as just another service povider. Your clients will look up to you and value your input. Past clients have been invited to Board and Management meetings after doing this programme or given a place on the company website or organisational structure diagram.

Things that once seemed difficult or uncomfortbale such as sales meetings, branding and messaging work or introducing price increases become easy and comfortable. You again enjoy getting up for work each morning and love the various tasks involved with running a sucessful company.

Success from past clients include an SEO company that generated an additional £23,760 per year, an HR company who jumped turnover from £30,000 to around £50,000 and a marketing company who found 9 new clients generating £60,000 per year, and their clients moved from an hourly rate to monthly retainers.


Client Testimonials

Andy Johnston

Andy Johnston

Founder, Designer, and Illustrator - Eido Studio

“I participated in Ewan’s Jump to the Big Leagues programme. It was a fantastically designed course with a wealth of information that I will be going back to again and again.

Ewan provided an outstanding level of support and tailored advice. He understood where I was as a business and consequently helped me build good foundations for the future.

I’m excited for the way ahead, and am enthusiastically recommending Ewan to others who want to take a leap forward.”

Jon Norton

Jon Norton

Managing Director - Barefoot Accounting

“Fantastic programme! Very clearly laid out and I found it easy to implement alongside running my business. This led to me seeing results very quickly.

The sales process became more of a natural and open conversation, rather than feeling awkward.

It helped me improve my services so that new (and existing) clients were happy to pay more.”

Sheen Doyle

Sheen Doyle

Outsourced HR Director - The Really Useful HR Company

“I am so glad that I decided to embark on the J2BL course. I found it incredibly useful and practical and very suited to my learning style. Each module was full of information that can be transferred into your business immediately and you can see immediate positive improvement.

Some of the tools I have been introduced to are now an integral part of my business and everything was relevant. I have begun to engage bigger clients and realise my true worth and value to my clients. I would highly recommend it.”

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