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About Us

Castle Strategy specialises in providing top-notch business development strategy and consultancy services, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Ewan Menzies, the visionary mind behind Castle Strategy, is a prominent figure in the realm of business strategy consulting.

With a passion for helping businesses thrive and a wealth of experience, Ewan has built a reputation as a trusted advisor for organizations aiming to navigate the complexities of the business world.

Whether it’s crafting innovative business plans, identifying growth opportunities, or optimizing existing processes, Ewan Menzies and his team at Castle Strategy are dedicated to empowering businesses to achieve their goals and secure a competitive edge in their industries.

Their strategic insights and client-focused approach make them a go-to choice for businesses seeking expert guidance in today’s dynamic market landscape.

Welcome to Castle Strategy

We are your trusted partner in the realm of business strategy consultancy and business development services. My name is Ewan Menzies, the founder and Managing Director of Castle Strategy, and I am here to offer unparalleled business consulting services designed specifically for small service-based businesses.

Mission and Approach

My mission is simple: to go the extra mile for your small service-based business. I understand the unique challenges faced by businesses like yours, and my goal is to provide tailored business development strategies and support services that cater to your distinct needs.

At Castle Strategy, I offer a comprehensive suite of services, ranging from one-on-one business coaching and digital resources to hands-on assistance and training materials.

Whether you prefer hands-on support or self-study programs, my aim is to empower you to accelerate success in your business journey.

Why Small Service-Based Businesses

I have a passion for supporting small service-based businesses because I’ve walked in your shoes.

Having started my own business in 2008, I’ve experienced the challenges and successes firsthand.

I resonate with the struggles faced by small service-based businesses and understand the joy that comes with delivering exceptional services to clients.

Small businesses in this sector are organized, eager to learn, and quick to adapt, making it incredibly rewarding for me to assist them in achieving their goals.

My Values

My work is guided by a set of core values that prioritize your success.

I believe in going above and beyond to help every client achieve their goals.

My approach is holistic, recognizing the multifaceted aspects of business growth. I treat each client as an individual with unique needs and focus on a niche where I can make the most significant impact.

My methods are constantly evolving, as I strive to find better ways to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

What’s Next?

I am committed to continuously improving my support for small service-based businesses. I am currently exploring innovative technologies and developing new resources to assist you in growing your business, managing your time effectively, and reaching your financial goals.

Stay tuned to my social media channels and join my LinkedIn Group to be among the first to learn about the exciting developments and opportunities that lie ahead.

At Castle Strategy, I am dedicated to being your partner in success, offering business strategy consultancy and development services that empower your small service-based business to thrive.