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About Us

Because it is good to know why people do what they do and how they do it. It gives you confidence.

What we do

At Castle Strategy we support organisations to successfully apply new methodologies in strategic planning for greater success.

Our approaches are founded in science, built on common sense and are radically different from what you will have seen before. The main areas we cover are goal setting, business planning, finance and team enablement.

Our team of business strategy consultants get their sleeves rolled up and do the hard work for you. However, throughout the process we work hand in hand with you and your team, integrating with your business as usual, and ensuring the handover happens throughout the process. This gives your team complete ownership and buy-in.

Castle Strategy

Castle Strategy was born in 2012 by Founder Ewan Menzies. Prior to this Ewan had “escaped” his farming routes and found a career in Teaching (PE) before moving into managing Sports Strategy at a regional and then national level. A move in 2008 to the business world saw Ewan start business coaching with CEOs and MDs. So why do we tell you all this?

Over those years in education and sport, Ewan learned valuable skills around communicating with people at all levels and across multiple sectors. He could see that success came from effective communication, listening to and understanding people, and then supporting them to get what they wanted.

In the business coaching world, he noticed flaws. It was unstructured, quick fix, heavily reliant on motivating people (with little focus) and throwing as much at them as possible to see what would stick. The end result, a busy MD/CEO became even busier and more stressed, but a little richer.

Ewan could see MDs and CEOs valued structured hands on support and practical steps that could be communicated effectively to the whole team that was focused on sustainable long term goals.

For these reasons Ewan made some radical changes to how he worked to better meet the needs of clients with a consulting approach that saw him rolling up his sleeves and delivering more value where it was really needed.

Background To Our Methodology And Process

In 2016 Ewan met up with Alan Fowler, a consultant who had delivered results to scores of organisations including PwC and Ernst Young and many of their clients. He did this using the D4 methodology he had developed over many years that was built on proven science theory and a little common sense, which turns out is not that common!

This new thinking was radical and disruptive, turning on its head, traditional thinking around programme and project management. Replacing number targets with tangible pictures of the future, planning backwards rather than forward, projections everyone believed rather than ‘finger in the wind’ numbers and inverting line management. The results were, and still are, quite outstanding.

Alan’s methodology is now owned by CTA Global and has been rebranded as CONCORD, which is at the heart of many of our services and products. We continue to work closely with Alan and CTA Global to this day, refining and further improving everything we do to support our clients find greater success.

Our Senior Team

Ewan A Menzies

Ewan A Menzies

Managing Director

Ewan is Managing Director at Castle Strategy. He has supported CEOs and MDs across private, public and third sectors with strategic planning for nearly 2 decades.

Ewan’s roots are in education and he has led on the development of training and accreditation courses across a range of business topics. He has spoken and numerous local and national events and featured in many publications.

Ewan is a qualified teacher, coach, trainer and strategist who loves working with people, delivering results and going the extra mile. 

Ian R Hogg

Ian R Hogg

Business Consultant

Ian is an independent business transformation consultant supporting Ewan and Castle Strategy. 

He specialises in merger integration, operational change and financial modelling. As a strategy consultant in IBM Global Business Services, he has led change initiatives in global companies including Aviva, Pfizer, MetLife and Europcar.

Ian is an MBA graduate from Henley Management College, ACCA part-qualified and a self-confessed excel geek. His values are attention to detail, wisdom and curiosity.

Our Vision

To help every business we work with to realise the positive impact of effective strategic planning.

Our Values

Our values are a set of beliefs, a way of working and act as our ethical compass.

They support our team to make the right decisions, improve communication and adopt the correct behaviours. They let our clients see what we stand for and attract clients who believe what we believe. They direct all our external communications so that our clients, communities and others can see what we stand for.


Work as a team – Respect each other – Act with integrity


Constantly learning – Driving innovation – Focused on outcomes


Focused on clients – Striving for Excellence – Honest communication


Sustainable – Responsible – Kind