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Freelance and Portfolio Finance Directors 

Supporting Freelance and Portfolio Finance Directors to get paid what you are worth and have great clients who value you.

Do you wish your clients valued the hard work you put in for them?

Do you feel you deserve a little more for the value you deliver for your clients?

Our mission is to ensure all freelance finance directors make healthy profits, and have dream clients who value them, without having to work longer hours.

Finance Director Challenges

If you are a freelance or portfolio finance director you will be facing tougher challenges than ever before. As you put in place changes for the future of your business you need to make sure they will help you better tackle these challenges facing the finance sector.

Whether you like it or not technology is changing the way finance works. New software and systems are an integral part of every business, and they change/update on a daily basis. As a finance professional you need to keep abreast of these changes related to systems you and your clients use.

Many companies have embraced new ways of working, whether it is remotely or a hybrid model. This means ways of working for both you and your clients is changing. You need to master new technologies and find new ways to effectively communicate with your clients.

With all this technology changing it also brings with it a cyber threat to the finance sector. Your clients are looking to you more than ever for reassurance. They need you to integrate your work with cyber specialist to ensure their finance systems are secure.

The Opportunity for Freelance Finanace Directors

So how do you capatilise on this?

As a freelance or portfoio finance director these challenges provide a great opportunity for you. Many have already jumped on this and are benefiting from it with greater profits and less pressures.

Imagine, just for a minute, waking up in the morning to work with clients who pay you a premium, and your clients see you as a valued partner rather than just another service provider.

Your business and services position you above competitors. As a result, new clients are now buying from you, rather you than you having to sell to them.

This can all be achieved in as little as 6 weeks using a proven process.

Finding Success

The strategies you need to raise you above your competitors

Yes, this sounds great but where do you start and what needs to be done? How can you possibly increase your prices to a premium, especially during the current cost of living crisis. You are already delivering great services, what else can you do to move clients perception of you to valued partner status?

Well, we can reassure you it is a well-trodden path and there are simple steps you take to find the success you are looking for. We have many resources, experts and approaches to meet every size of budget and make this an easy transition for you.

We have been where you are and understand the challenges you face as a small business owner. Choose a support programme that fits around your finance business and provides the exact support you need to find the success you are looking for.

Client Testimonials

Andrew McKellar

Andrew McKellar

Freelance FD, Harbour Accounting Ltd

“In a few short weeks, Ewan helped me build value in my client relationships.

I am now confident I have a system which, time and time again, will identify suspects, convert them to prospects and onwards into trusted clients who want to buy from me, rather than me having to sell to them.

Ewan’s course has also given me the confidence to raise my fees.

If you attend one of Ewan’s courses, you will benefit from his wise counsel, confidence building and commercial acumen. Highly recommend.”

Peter Andrews

Peter Andrews

Managing Director - Kent Financial Management Services Ltd

“Since graduating from Ewan’s J2BL programme I have sourced a client that is currently requiring up to 4 days a week paid consultancy.

I am also negotiating an extension to a current contract. I have also been offered a further two other appointments which I have turned down.

I feel more confident about my offering than ever before.

I am also seeking higher priced work for a small outsourced team we have put together.”

Jon Norton

Jon Norton

Managing Director, Barefoot Accounting

“Fantastic programme! Very clearly laid out and I found it easy to implement alongside running my business. This led to me seeing results very quickly.

The sales process became more of a natural and open conversation, rather than feeling awkward.

It helped me improve my services so that new (and existing) clients were happy to pay more.”

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