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FLIP – Problem Solving

At last a problem solving process to remove even the toughest of challenges you face, and often with little time, money or effort.

Leaders Need to Solve Problems

Every business has problems which may feel like they are impossible to overcome or solve.

As a CEO or MD, you need to find creative solutions to the impossible problems that stand in your way.

Perhaps you just can’t see a way forward, or your team is telling you ‘it can’t be done’ or ‘it won’t work’. You need a way to FLIP your problems to a positive outcome.

FLIP – Problem Solving

Removing these challenges can be easier than expected. With the right process, you can change perspective, understand your ideal outcomes, and design innovative ways to achieve them.

FLIP, our unique method, has been applied in a wide range of scenarios and sectors, delivering business changing results every time.

As well as solving impossible problems faced by all these sectors, many find that this exercise also identifies a cash benefit. In one case study using FLIP, a managing director said, “cost savings, avoiding missed opportunities and increasing productivity could be worth up to £1 million.”

How does it (FLIP) work?

We know you are already busy, so we do the leg work for you. There are 3 simple steps to solving your problems.

Image of FLIP 3 stage problem solver

1. Clarify Your Problem

We consult your team to clarify, define and prioritise your main problems.

This exercise takes into consideration all viewpoints.

2. Create Your Ideal Future

We work with your team to FLIP your problems to positive outcomes.

This process forms a consensus across all parties involved.

3. Construct Your Plan

We facilitate a session with your team to build a one page strategic plan.

This is done by planning backwards from your positive outcomes.

What is Included in your FLIP Delivery?

  • Two half-day team sessions with up to six people, covering Problem Clarification, Positive Outcomes, Planning Backwards
  • Focus on your main challenges typically 3 – 5
  • Preparation ahead of time, including; scoping calls, research and document review
  • Creation and circulation of FLIP Deliverables
  • FLIP Deliverables – Challenge Worksheet, One Page Strategic Plan and Financial Impact
  • All communications related to the FLIP process
  • Pre- and post-meeting calls and notes
  • Remote and on-site options

The Bigger Picture

FLIP is just the start.

Once you’ve seen the power of FLIP in solving just a few business problems, imagine applying this process on a larger scale.

Our Concord product does just that and much more, transforming your business completely!

See FLIP In Action

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