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Ewan Menzies

Commercial Director – Central Scotland

As a Commercial Director, Ewan Menzies takes a strategic approach to drive cash benefits in client companies. He does this through a process that analysis over 70 value drivers and leaves no stone unturned.

The process identifies where you can increase asset value, increase revenues, and reduce costs. This methodology is built on the Concord System that has transformed some of the biggest organisations over the last 20 years.

Working side by side with you and your team, Ewan integrates everything with business as usual. This ensures that you get the outcomes you really want. And, it means results are accelerated and amplified by the whole team’s input.

Ewan Menzies Results

Ewan’s number one focus is on driving growth in your organisations. He appreciates that for some clients this is about increasing asset value, and for others, it is your bottom line. He also has experience in the third and public sectors where growth may relate to happy customers or achieving more with less.


Identifying New Markets

A move from B2C to B2B jumps revenues from an estimated £3M to £23M.  In addition, sales and marketing spend is cut to almost zero.

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Focus on Management Team

Upskilling and changes in the management team. The impact is this is a business valuation increases from £1.5M to £8M.

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Developing New Services

A new bolt-on plant saves customers money on taxes and generates an additional £1.5M in revenues for the client.

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Commercial skills and expertise

Expert Skills: Strategy, planning, financial estimation, sales process, and team enablement.

Ewan’s approach starts by gaining absolute clarity on where you are going, before starting out. As a result, everyone is focused on the activities that will result in the greatest returns.

By planning backward, Ewan produces a single-page strategic plan. This hands over strategic responsibility to your team, manages risk, and shows the fastest route to your company goals.

The strength in Ewan’s delivery comes from enabling your team, and focus them on desired outcomes. The outcome of this is a more agile workforce and greater success.

Ewan identifies the cash benefit of your future using a rigorous and systematic process. This provides risk-adjusted numbers and tracks how the money will have happened, down to a granular level.

Industry and sector experience

Ewan has worked across a huge range of sectors over the last 20 years. His work spans public, private, and third sectors. Industries he has worked in include construction, manufacturing, agriculture, sport, printing, HR, and finance to name a few.



Supporting Construction clients with new revenue streams, efficient working practices, and pivoting to customer needs.

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Supporting Agricultural organisations with stakeholder engagement, innovation, and new high-growth markets.

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Leading sports organisations with strategic planning, income generation, and acceleration of their plans through team enablement.

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Ewan Menzies background

Ewan started out as a teacher where he learning valuable skills, which he still uses to this day with those he works with. Moving into a career in sport Ewan’s work was held up as a best practice across Scotland, and he appeared on stage with the likes of Jackie Bird and Dougie Donnelly.

Moving into franchise consulting and business coaching Ewan supported dozens of businesses over a decade. During this time he featured in Chamber magazines, a podcast, national debates and was a speaker at numerous business events around Scotland.

In recent years Ewan’s focus has turned to strategy and commercialisation. As a part-time Commercial Director, Ewan now supports companies to drive growth and accelerate the delivery of your outcomes.

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