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Growth and Expansion Strategy

Identifying the fastest and easiest route to grow and expand your business.

If you want to make a step-change in the growth and expansion of your business you will need to design a strategic plan that does much more than simply focus on sales and marketing.

Have you considered which strategy you should take that will make your growth easier, reduce risks and accelerate expansion? It is not simply about getting bigger and making more money, there are other factors to consider like, time pressures on you, company culture, and the environment?

The sooner you start on designing your strategic plan the sooner you can deliver it, and there has never been a better time than now because the government is keen to support recovery.

What’s in it for you?

Focussing on the growth and expansion of your business can bring many benefits to you, your team, and your customers.

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Shareholder Needs

Your shareholders deserve something for all the hard work they have put in and the risks they have taken over the years.

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Security For All

The number one thing everyone working in your business wants is security – knowing their job is safe.

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Happy Customers

Your customer needs are changing and they want to know you will continue to meet them and maintain quality.

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We all have a community and social responsibility these days. Every little we do makes our planet better for the future.

To ensure you get all the benefits from your growth and expansion a different type of plan is needed. Simply focussing on number targets will not deliver all this. This is where we help you.

Addressing The Challenges

Whatever outcomes you are looking to achieve from your growth and expansion you will face a number of challenges that need to be addressed to find success.

Shareholder needs

As you have grown your business over the years, bringing on more staff and possibly opening new shops or factories you, the shareholder, have never been able to make more money. Will you ever get to a size that allows you to make the money you deserve? Does something else need to change?

Your time spent on your business only increases as your company expands. This in turn is putting a strain on other areas of your life. It is tough to find managers that can run the business without you, and you are at a loss as to how to transform your culture, so your people work hard whilst you focus on new growth projects and plans.

When you started your business all those years ago you loved what you were doing or at least saw a future that was enjoyable. Sadly, growing your business has taken that dream away and work is a slog every day with no end in sight. This is a picture few can endure for the long term.

Security for all

How can you possibly expand and deliver security for you and your staff when you constantly have risks such as supply chain, competitors and global pandemics? All these risks impact on your time, margin and people, leaving you exhausted.

You are continually faced with problems around cash flow, compliance and competitors to name a few. Many of these challenges are wicked problems with no sign of a solution that impact negatively on morale for you and your team.

There is more business intelligence than ever before, too much. This leaves you unsure what to do first and confused over what direction to go in. One wrong turn and you are back to step one or worse.

Happy customers

As you grow new customers come on and existing customers buy more. During this time you are expected to maintain or improve the quality of your product and customer service. This is going to cost money and if you are up against other bigger established competitors in this market you will need deep pockets.

Your customers will also be expecting new products and services. This is often exciting work for you and your team but equally can be a dangerous distraction. It is so easy to drop the ball on your current business priorities and lose good customers.

As always, customers want cheaper products and services. Achieving this whilst there are rising costs from labour and materials is not easy. You need to find more and more creative ways of doing business that finds more margin to deliver all your stakeholder needs.

Community and social responsibility

We all want to support our communities and tackle environmental issues facing us all, but how can we when we are working flat out just to maintain the business? There just is not enough time to give to this area and make a real difference.

Even if you or your team have the time where do you get the money to put into this? That is money you need to deliver for shareholders, provide better prices for your customers and security for your team.

Even if you can find the time and money it is so difficult to make an impact at a local or global level that makes it all worth it. What could you possibly do with minimum input that would have a big output, if indeed this is achievable?

Steps To Growth And Expansion

Successfully growing or expanding your company is easy if you know the right path. However, you first need to know where you’re going. We work with you to design a strategic plan that answers these questions and delivers your future.

Traditional business planning isn’t going to get you there. A 90-day plan doesn’t cut it. A small increase in sales or profit is not going to make a step change in your growth. Recruiting a new manager or director does not necessarily mitigate risk and ensure a successful expansion.

Our approach to getting you on the right path uses the Concord process. Starting from understanding what you (and others) want to achieve in terms of growth, it delivers an explicit plan, accelerates growth, and gets everyone including employees and family behind making it happen. You will be pleased to hear that we do the heavy lifting for you.

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Growth & Expansion Strategy