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Supporting sports organisations with proven strategic planning tools. Get focused on where you are going and how to get there.

Supporting sports organisations with proven strategic planning tools. Get focused on where you are going and how to get there.

Is your sports organisation well placed to deal with the challenges the future may bring? Are you struggling to engage millennials, finance growth, integrate technology or recruit volunteers?

Our strategic planning approach for sports organisations negotiates challenges and finds the fastest way to deliver the future your members and supporters want.

Sports Organisations Challenges

Increasing membership numbers has become increasingly difficult in recent years. There are so many other technology-based interests your potential members (young and old) can take part in, without having to leave the comfort of their own home. You may well face similar challenges with your spectators?

Assuming you are lucky enough to have a growing membership, this brings with it other challenges. Where do you find the investment to expand/improve facilities and meet other infrastructure needs? So often the facilities have been there for decades and are no longer fit for purpose due to wear and tear, legislation changes or technological advancements.

You are faced with the chicken or egg scenario around your workforce. With growth and investment you will expand your workforce of volunteers and paid staff, however, you need staff upfront to get the growth and investment, how can you make it happen?

You may be able to see short term fixes to your challenges that involve government funding or international success but have no long term plans to build a sustainable organisation. It feels like an impossible goal with an increasing number of challenges post-Covid.

Your Strategic Planning

What does this mean for your strategic planning?

Think about the future.  Where is your sports organisation going in the years ahead, what problem should you deal with first and how will you address all your challenges?

How can you still deliver for your stakeholders (investors, funders, members and regulators) as pressure increases from a plethora of pressing matters? Can you manage risk in the years to come and how do you build reliable plans that will ensure you achieve your goals despite the increasing uncertainty in the sports world.

This much is sure – the traditional approach of working harder and longer hours is not the way. You can’t put more pressure on your volunteers, staff, management team and yourself. A fresh approach and step-change are needed if you are to be competitive and continue to deliver for your members.

However, these challenges create huge opportunities for those who are prepared, open to new ways of working and can move fast. Government funding is fuelling a recovery and people know they need to be more active to stay healthy. However, your strategic plan must be focused and agile enough to capitalise on these opportunities as they arise to achieve your organisational goals.

Strategic Success

We implement successful strategies for sports organisations.

You are probably rolling your eyes at the thought of writing a strategic plan. You’re picturing yourself or your management team writing a plan that has little to do with the realities of your business. Your team are so busy and you are all dreading the time away from day-to-day activities that are so important.

This is where we help you.

Our sports business consultants engage with you and your team to take away the pain of the process. They use industry experience and a tried and tested approach to make strategic planning painless. You are able to stay focussed on running the business and delivering the change that your members ask for.

Our strategic planning system is built to tackle all your challenges, manage the unforeseen and deliver exactly what your members want. 

This is not a paper exercise done by one person, but a full implementation plan that engages your whole organisation and integrates with business as usual.

Client Testimonials

Scott Brewster

Scott Brewster

Managing Director - Brewster Bros.

“Concord has ultimately delivered us a 4-year plan that everyone in our organisation can understand. By everyone, I mean every employee and we are proud to share our plan with our whole team to give them clarity on our goals and how to get there. Involving everyone in the creation of the plan and delegating responsibility for its delivery harnesses the brainpower of the whole business and not just our senior management team.

As a chartered accountant, I loved the finance work. The numbers were inspiring and not just dreamlike figures – they had substance behind them and could be logically backed up when questioned. In fact, our Chairman, who was highly sceptical at first ended up thinking they were too modest! Overall the content of the Concord System has given a much clearer path to achieving our identified stakeholder needs and what the results will be when we deliver them.”

Colin Sangster

Colin Sangster

Head Coach - Dundee Rugby

“The input from Ewan and Ian has been invaluable and allowed us to accelerate our plans more than we believed was possible. The work has got us focused on the outcomes we need to achieve, helped us to see the synergies across our plan, and has given us real clarity on the future at Dundee Rugby.

This work has given us a more business-like approach at the club. I was blown away by the numbers and the story behind them shows they are realistic and achievable in the years ahead.

The whole process has been incredible and was the shakeup we were needing.”

Alasdair Corbett

Alasdair Corbett

Managing Director - Easter Greens

“The method of planning backwards excited me from the first time I saw it. When we put it into action it simplified everything and showed me what had to be done (and not done!) to deliver my vision for Easter Greens.

The work we did on the money was fantastic. I can now see what will generate the growth and expansion I am looking for, and how the money will actually happen in the years ahead. This keeps me very focused every day on where we should focus time, money and effort.

Ewan has worked closely with me, my managers and my team to get everyone on board with our one page strategic plan. Everyone can now see what the future looks like, what it means for them, and how they can help deliver it.”

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