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Try Before You Buy

Resource written by Ewan Menzies

Castle Strategy Try Before You Buy Call

A Break Through Call Guaranteed to Deliver You Value

Over the years we have had over 60 small service-based business owners jump on our try-before-you-buy-call and receive huge value.

What is the purpose of the call?

I often refer to this call as a breakthrough call. By the end of this call you will have made a breakthrough or paradigm shift about something in your business. Those who have taken the call say things like ”my attitude changed the very next day” or “a complete new way of looking at sales and marketing.” You will come off the call with a feeling of relief or excitement at having discovered a new way to do something in your business that will transform things for the better.

I also want to let you see what it is like to work with Castle Strategy. I do things a little different than other consultancy’s. It can be difficult to explain just how I work and why it is different and better. However, when you experience it you get it straight away. I want you to see how we work and how it can make a huge impact on your business.

And, last but not least, I want to deliver you value on this free call. That value could be clarity on a new strategy, or business model to deliver the success you want. It could be something specific to your sales process that you can apply straight away to close more sales at a higher price. Or it could be changes to your clients or delivery that makes your business easier and more fun day to day, for example.

What happens on the try before you buy call?

All of these calls are slightly different because they are tailored to your specific needs. I will be exploring you challenges and blocks in your business, and looking at ways you can overcome them to find success.

I will ask you about many areas of your business including the clients you work with, how you price work, what value you deliver, your sales process, marketing, business model and more. Some of these areas I will deep dive, others we will just skim over, depending on what you are trying to achieve.

I will be leading the conversation, but you will be doing most of the talking, helping me to clearly understand what is happening so that I can best advise you on what to do to achieve your goals.

The call will be enjoyable for you. You will hear some of the answers you have always looked for but could never find. You will get to see the steps you need to take to start getting your business on track to deliver the success you desire.


What value will I get from this call?

The value you get from this call will depend on the needs specific to your business. Things that typically come up on this call are listed below.

Please note this is not a compete list, just the common themes I cover and the value delivered from them.

Your business will be different and you may get value in different ways than the examples shown below.

  • Time – Many comment that new strategies or a change on focus has saved them significant time each week or month.
  • Pricing – Some pick up hints and tips on pricing to make an increase in their fees to existing and/or new clients immediately.
  • Sales – For others they see new ways to sell their services that allow them to win bigger clients or bigger projects.
  • Marketing – In marketing you may see ways to focus on certain activities that bring you dream clients you love working with.
  • Strategy – For many they get a whole new view on their business model. This may be a change in their service offering and related monthly fees.
  • Delivery – Often it is a change in delivery that people comment on that allows them to increase their fees, and ease time pressures.

Our Feedback

“Ewan quickly tuned into my business needs and where I can make vital improvements. His empathy and marketing suggestions opened up targeted actions that I can take to ensure real business returns and profitability. This was definitely time well spent.” – Max, Photography

“I found my strategy session extremely beneficial and enlightening. Ewan enabled me to view my business from a whole new perspective and I now feel I have achieved what I have been trying to do for months, and so much more in just 1 session.” – Gin, Psychotherapist

“Ewan understood the market needs and had a way of explaining the value of service in comparative terms to the client-company growth that meant by charging more and explaining my services in a different manor I could gain much more valuable retained business.” – Lucinda, Marketing

“Ewan has opened my eyes to areas in my business that I just wasn’t focusing on and has given me real food for thought on the future that my business should be taking. Very refreshing and a real pleasure to chat to.” – Karen, Digital

“Ewan without any massive radical changes too my huge range of ideas and solutions and reminded me of the fundamentals and providing value. My attitude changed the very next day and I got some extra clients with extra margin.” – Jon, SEO

“The hour passed so quickly. It was unbelievable how much ground was covered, Ewan has an ability to view your abilities and value better than you can yourself. I will certainly start putting some of his suggestions in place today.” – Peter, Freelance FD

Is there any preparation I need to do before this call?

Yes, there is. Once you book a time for your call you will be sent a short questionnaire to complete. This questionnaire will only take you a couple of minutes to complete. The questions will be easy for you to answer on the spot.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help us prepare for your call. The information you give us along with what we get from your website and social media pages let me see what is happening in your business.

This is to ensure that you get more value from the call rather than wasting your time going over information that you know already. This means you get more time on the call focussing on value I can add to your business.

Will I be pressured to buy after this call?

Absolutely not. That is not how we work at Castle Strategy.

I am a believer that you should get value before you start work with Castle Strategy. This call is all about giving you value regardless if you wish to work with us after the call. Almost half who take the call do not progress to paid support after the call. They find that this was all they needed to set them on the correct path.

This is also an important step to help you see if you can work with me. I find that when I take time to build a relationship with new clients before any money has parted hands it is a much better and long lasting relationship. Some come back to me a few weeks or months later once they have applied some of their actions from the call.

It also makes it a much easier decision for you to buy when you have received value in your business by applying some of the actions discussed on your call.

For others, nearly 50%, they love working with us at Castle Strategy so much they ask if we can help straight away. If that is you, we don’t sign you up immediately but have a further meeting to clarify exactly what you are looking for and find the right support package for your budget and time availability.

Book your breakthrough call today

How does that all sound? Follow the link below and book your call today and take a big step forward for your business. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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About Ewan Menzies

Ewan previously led the training and accreditation of practitioners in the Concord methodology. He has supported organisations with strategic planning across public, private and third sectors for the last two decades. He is currently the Managing Director of Castle Strategy and continues to work with organisations on strategic planning.