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We help owners of UK companies to grow their business, solve their biggest challenges and generate more profit.

If you have been struggling to find the direction in which to take your business, need help to identify where the greatest growth will come in the future, or need your team to innovate and give you the edge over competitors – then we can help.

Our business consultants work with senior management teams and board directors to turn £million companies into £multi-million companies.

We’ve helped owners step back from the business so they can enjoy their lives more. And we have a proven track record of increasing company valuations in preparation for an exit sale.

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Our Business Consultancy Approach

Firstly, we are not like other management consulting firms or business coaches who turn up, offer an off-the-shelf plan and then leave you to get on with it.

When you work with us, one of our business consultants who knows your industry inside-out will be tasked with getting to know your business inside-out.

We take the time to understand your current problems and what your business and personal goals are. Then we work with you to deliver a bespoke strategic business plan, and implementation system, that will grow your business.

Equally, if you want your management team to take strategic responsibility, to deliver business outcomes and to transform your culture for the better in the process – our experienced consultants will do this for you.

Castle Strategy offer a host of benefits including:


Get Your Life Back

Worrying about the future, sleepless nights and too busy to take a holiday are the common complaints we hear.

If you feel that your life is dominated by your business – then please contact us.

Our team will give you a clear path out of this never ending spiral. We’ve helped other owners plan for the future and to enjoy their lives once again.

Support The Owner / MD

Business owners, MD’s and CEO’s have a tough time just running their business without having to find the time to create business plans and growth strategies.

Our business consultants take away the pressure, do the leg work on strategy development and let you focus on the day to day. Once this happens, we notice that every business starts to flourish.

Earn More Money

What is making you money now? and what will make you money in the future?

These are two questions which business owners often struggle to answer.

Our consultants quickly identify the areas in your business which need to change to increase revenues & profits. The result, more money in your pocket.

100% Success

Our consultants have a track record of helping investor backed start-ups, SME’s during the growth stage or those who are planning for an exit.

In these challenging times, you will want a consultant who has the experience to quickly remove problems, spot opportunities to pivot, help make strategic decisions and offer direction.

How We Help

Our business consultants operate at a strategic level and are happy to roll up their sleeves to be hands-on.

Improving revenue and profits image

Maximising revenue & profit, improving cash flow & preparing for exits

Steering business through difficult trading

Steering the business through difficult trading conditions & reducing costs

Areas for expansion and entering new markets

Identifying areas for expansion, new services, or to enter new markets

Security more customers image

Securing more profitable customers, improving productivity & reducing risks

Improving the company people image

Improving the company culture, workforce efficiency & job security

Business consultancy way forward image

Providing a clear strategic business plan and the way forward

At Castle Strategy We Get Owners, MDs & CEOs Excited In Their Businesses

Fast Track Your Success

No one likes a long drawn-out process. That is why we use the Concord system to deliver quick wins (so you can gain confidence in our strategic plan and you also see results sooner).

Concord also sets the direction that your business needs to take for the future. It illustrates in detail the exact steps needed to achieve greater performance and profits.

And the best bit about Concord – it’s simple and it works.

For example, one client increased their annual turnover from £2.4 million to £4 million in 18 months. Another raised their valuation from £1.5 million to over £8 million with our help.

Concord has been adopted by businesses throughout the UK to deliver exactly what they wanted.

Clients Speak For Us

These clients trusted us to transform their businesses.

Scott Brewster

Scott Brewster

Managing Director - Brewster Bros.

Castle Strategy with their Concord process ultimately delivered us a plan that everyone in our organisation can understand.

Our whole team now has clarity on our goals and how to get there.

The numbers were inspiring and not just dreamlike figures – they had substance behind them and could be logically backed-up when questioned.

We now have a clearer path to achieving the end results. I highly recommend that you speak to the team Castle Strategy.

Peter Barker

Peter Barker

Technical Director - Aldomak

I have never seen a more effective method of running a business, it requires absolute rigour in what we do.

We involved everyone in the creation of the plan and delegating responsibility for its delivery harnesses the brainpower of the whole business and not just our senior management team.

It ensures that we are making all our decisions in the context of the greater plan which removes wasted effort.

I am now as certain as I can be that we will achieve our annual targets. If you want to transform your business, you must contact Ewan at Castle Strategy.

Andrew Corbett

Andrew Corbett

Managing Director - Easter Greens

The method of planing backwards excited me from the first time I saw it. When we put it into action it simplified everything and showed me what had to be done (and not done!) to deliver my vision for Easter Greens.

The work we did on the money was fantastic. I can now see what will generate the growth and expansion I am looking for, and how the money will actually happen in the years ahead. This keeps me very focused every day on where we should focus time, money and effort.

Everyone can now see what the future looks like thanks to Castle Strategy.

How We Work

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