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Remote Delivery

Integrating with and improving on your new ways of working remotely.

In the past it was easy, you got your managers or directors together round the Board room table and bashed together an outline of your new strategy. Over the next few weeks, they consulted their relevant teams and you have your new strategy and plan to guide your organisation and people in the years ahead.

However, with many now working from home, remote delivery of your new strategy can be problematic.

What if I were to tell you designing and delivering your strategy and plan could be done even better through effective and efficient remote working tools and practices? This is what we now do at Castle Strategy delivering even greater success to our clients.

What does this mean for you?

As everyone becomes familiar with remote working there are many benefits to designing and delivering your new strategy remotely.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Tools we use allow large numbers of your stakeholders to give their input all at once in a coordinated and organised way.

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Team Buy-in

Your team is engaged through the design stage, gaining their input, answering their questions, and getting their buy-in.

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Long Term Success

This is not just a paper exercise as new ways of working are adopted and ensure the delivery of your plan is a priority for everyone.

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Keeping it Simple

Everything is in one place. A central point for all your team to work together, asynchronously, towards common goals.

To ensure you get all the benefits from your remote delivery we support all your team to get up to speed on new tools and learn new ways of working remotely. 

How to engage your people remotely

For interactions and engagement, we combine Zoom meetings with Miro. This allows all your team to contribute at once online using sticky notes and pre-populated templates.

You will have a communications plan your management team can view and edit on the same Miro Board so everyone knows what is happening.

Once your one-page strategic plan is complete it is shared using Miro that encourages all your team to contribute to your strategy and plans from any device they wish. This also gives a central focus for remote delivery and for your team meetings going forward. Many share this plan on large screens around their factory/office.

How to ensure your remote delivery is a success

As we finish the design stage of your strategy and plan we deliver online training to your management team on how to implement everything remotely. Again everything is on your Miro Board.

All your strategy work and plan are designed to integrate with business as usual. Kanban boards placed on your Miro Board are connected to individuals and dated. If you already use other software like Asana or Slack these can be integrated with your Miro Board.

Your people will need support to learn and embed new effective ways of thinking and working. For this we provide 1 to 1 and small group support over Zoom, working on live examples and walking them through the tools.

What services can we deliver remotely?

We are now delivering all our services remotely. From small engagements around problem removal to full strategy development and everything in between. For a full list of our services click HERE.

See how our remote delivery works

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